We proudly feature Gelish and Morgan Taylor products in our spa.

Enjoy a relaxing mani and pedi in a peaceful setting.

Nails are cleaned and trimmed, cuticles maintained, and a relaxing massage to follow. Choose from our selection of Morgan Taylor polishes.

The classic manicure with gel polish, designed to last for weeks. We use Gelish brand, one of the original names in gel polish.

Just the basics, with polish of your choice or buffed to a natural shine.

Relax as you enjoy the being pampered with Farmhouse Fresh products. The added exfoliant and hydrating mask will leave skin soft and intensely moisturized. We have several scents to choose from, including a seasonal scent.

Although dip powder manicures seem like a new trend, the technique has been around since the 1980s. The process of getting a dip manicure is different than other manicures you've experienced. Unlike polygel, which needs a LED to cure. or acrylic and its awful odor. dipped manicures use pigmented powder and are created in layers. Results are a vibrant color that can last up to a month.